Who you work with matters- Jenn Jones with Monarch Realty Group at Platinum Realty prides herself on being able to offer real world advice to her clients and create an offer that is both practical and effective. ??????

Emily K
Samantha Tisinger- Realtor with Platinum Realty loves showing buyers homes and finding the right property for them. More often than not, Sam and her clients can be found cracking jokes and having fun at each property even when it wasn't the one for them. ??

Brianna R.
Shoutout to Justin Evers Realtor with The Ignite Team Platinum Realty . Over the years, he has helped clients with a variety of circumstances. Military & job relocations are incredibly common but can be stressful. In addition to being thorough with every property for his buyers, he prides himself on being able to showcase what the Omaha Metro has to offer to those clients moving here for the first time. ??

Ward Family
Shoutout to Chrissy Bushnell, Realtor at Platinum Realty for going above and beyond for her clients! ?? A smooth real estate experience is always the goal we have in mind, and we love when our agents are able to deliver the best experience to their clients. ?????

Sidney G.
Educating his clients might as well be a passion at this point! Shoutout to Clayton Mulford - Platinum Realty for a job well done for his clients. ????????

Aaron W.